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An Interview with Keen Eye CTO: Technology that Grows with Business

01 Jun 2020

Keen Eye continues to grow its business in 2020, taking on clients in the pharmaceutical research sector as well as biotechnology partners. This creates new demands on the technology associated with managing projects of an increased scale and reach.

We caught up with CTO Mathias Monnerville to discuss how Keen Eye was able to build a product that adapted to this growth.

Building a solid foundation


Mathias Monnerville joined Keen Eye in 2015 as the second employee and thought the project showed great promise early on. “The mission was noble and would bring a useful tool to society”, he recalls. Mathias also established a strong partnership with CEO Sylvain Berlemont, someone he describes as a gifted professional. He was impressed by Sylvain’s rigor and expectation of excellence when he joined the project. “Sylvain had the expertise of writing successful algorithms for training AI, but he lacked a platform to bring them to life.”


Mathias also praises Sylvain’s early insistence on implementing quality management processes and a streamlined process to hire employees who fit with the mission. He credits those elements as solidifying the foundation of the young start-up and helping provide credibility.



Defining the right direction


Creating an online tool in the medical and pharmaceutical sector is an undoubtedly daunting task. But that didn’t unphase Mathias because challenges force start-ups such as Keen Eye to seek excellence in order to stand out in a cutthroat industry that evolves at a dizzying pace and threatens to leave stragglers behind.


 Excellence is defined by many variables, some visible to the naked eye, like the functionalities of a computer application, and others happening behind the scenes. It starts with a clear mission and business objective supported by tools that are relevant, current, and will adapt to the future to prevent quick obsolescence. Keen Eye took this direction early on, stuck with it, and successfully increased the size of the projects supported.


The people behind the company also matter. “Our team’s diversity is an advantage and allows us to draw on different cultures, ideas, and talents to strive for excellence,” explains Mathias. He adds that structuring the team in specialized squads and feature teams made up of employees from those squads to develop functionalities proves effective for Keen Eye.

Mathias Monnerville

It was about scalability from the start


When developing their tool, Keen Eye focused on ensuring it would be scalable and could adapt to the needs of clients of all sizes and operating in different sectors, such as biotechnological and pharmaceutical research or medical images analysis. This supported an ambitious business roadmap and also diversified the functionalities offered.


 Mathias knew scalability could ultimately lead to the onboarding of a diverse range of clients. When he speaks of the advantages of Keen Eye, he is quick to point out that it doesn’t require installation and can be deployed anywhere in the world in minutes. Add the diverse functionalities, powerful algorithms, and intuitive platform, and you have a tool that can be instantly implemented and used by customers. “I selected Go, an open source and relatively new language at the time, for its many advantages and fit with our objectives,” Mathias explains. “Go is simple and sustainable, it offers excellent performance and productivity, requires little resources, and is meant for the cloud. It made sense to use it to develop our cloud-based services.”


 Keen Eye also sought input from outside the developing world. “We work with industry experts, key opinion leaders, and physicians,” Mathias shares, explaining that building a successful tool requires input from those who will ultimately use it.



Technology compatible with business growth


As Keen Eye continues to expand its reach into the pharmaceutical sector, new clients are being onboarded and enjoying the immediate benefits of Keen Eye. This is no coincidence however. The initial decisions related to the development process and the ambitious product roadmap made it natural and easy for Keen Eye to grow and expand their business.


 Operating in medical and pharmaceutical research cannot be taken lightly. Much of that responsibility rests on Mathias as CTO, but he is confident in the future. The early decision to wager on scalability is paying off as the tool can grow with Keen Eye’s business without requiring any rebuilding. For Mathias and Keen Eye, it was always clear there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Both the business roadmap and technology were created with that in mind, and clients are benefiting from it today.